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xDirect is a leading broker that enables trading on the Forex, Commodities, Indices, Options and Equity markets.

Geographically, xDirect covers an extensive expanse - right from Latin American countries such as Chile and Peru to a range of Southeast Asian countries - making it a truly global brokerage house.

xDirect adheres to strict requirements and the highest regulatory standards which is why our clientele can be assured of the highest levels of protection of their money. Maximum safety of our clients funds and smooth functioning of our systems are essentially our biggest priorities.

xDirect Asia provides brokerage services to both private clients and professional market participants. Being a prime broker, xDirect provides cutting edge online trading platforms for their clients based in Asia.

xDirect has over twelve years of experience in providing world-class trading services and is proud that it’s dedication has led to a number of prestigious awards over the years.

xDirect Asia integrity, high deliverance and transparent policies clearly sets it apart from the other brokers on the market, making it one of the best online trading platform in Asia. Work with xDirect once – you won’t ever go back to a different brokerage house again!

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