r-1 What Is Commodity Trading?

Commodities are a key component of today’s global economy. Their availability and pricing can determine the fortunes of many a country or corporation. Crude oil, copper, coffee, silver, grains are a few examples of commodities.As a result, the commodities market is well developed, makingonline commodity trading a lucrative opportunity.

Some of the key commodity sectors today are:

Precious metals e.g. gold, silver, platinum

Industrial metals e.g. copper, tin

Livestock and meat

Agricultural goods e.g. soyabean, wheat

Energy e.g. U.S. crude

r-2 How Commodity Markets Work?

Commodity markets differ from Forex trading. Commodity market trading is possible from any location thanks to xDirect’s trading platforms.

  • Firstly, every Commodity has its own characteristic such as minimum transaction value, trading time (depending on the market where a Commodity was quoted), nominal transaction value, etc.
  • You earn on a Commodity price growth as well as on price fall. That way, you can sell product at a higher price and then buy the same amount at a cheaper price, earning the difference
  • Trading on a lower margin is usually possible, allowing you to get larger positions at much lesser capital
  • Online commodity trading is a good way to diversify one’s investment portfolio since commodity markets often move in directions different from the stock or currency markets
r-2 Why Trade In Commodities Via xDirect?

This is how trading commodities through xDirect will benefit you:

  • xDirect allows commodity trading across 6 sectors and over 20 products
  • Investors can diversify their overall portfolio risk as commodity trading provide an alternative investment
  • xDirect offers attractive spreads and financing
  • Deep liquidity available
  • No requotes
  • Guaranteed stop loss, free of charge

Sound interesting? Contact us to learn how to trade Commodity via xDirect or sign up for a free account on the xDirect trading platform.


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