r-1 What Is Indices Trading?

In India, one can trade in the indices of the BSE or NSE. However, if you seek exposure to the global markets, Indices trading via xDirect’s trading platforms is the way to go. These could be indices of the NASDAQ, the Dow Jones 30, the NYSE or others.

The benefit of trading indices of international markets is that it gives an opportunity to open positions on different economies and on various sectors in those economies, enabling diversification of one’s investment portfolio.

In any case, indices being a sort of securities portfolio might have potentially lower investment risk compared to securities of one particular company.

You can profit from falling indices as well as rising ones, so trading opportunities are available all the time. Also, positions on indices are rolled over as the underlying contract expires in order to maintain the open position.

 r-2 How Indices Trading Works?

Index trading, with xDirect, has a range of features and characteristics similar to Commodity trading, such as a nominal contract price, and these differ from the Forex market. You need to learn the specification tables for indices to understand better.

Instruments Trading based on Indices are available in the OTC form at xDirect. Moreover, you also have leverage although it is slightly lower than for currency trading.  


 r-2 Why Trade Indices Via xDirect
  • Trade on over 20 major indices
  • Deep liquidity available
  • No requotes
  • Guaranteed stop loss, free of charge

Interested in learning more about Indices trading? Contact us to know more about maximizing your profit with Indices Trading via xDirect. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free online trading account here.

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