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xDirect is an NDD broker.

What is a NDD broker?

Authorizing the right Forex broker to suit your market requirements is imperative when it comes to trading. With a host of brokers vying for your attention and making lofty claims, transparency becomes fundamental.

Forex trading brokers are divided into two broad categories – Dealing Desk (DD) and Non Dealing Desk (NDD) brokers. xDirect offers NDD broker services since the DD broker execution is prone to problems such as creation of an artificial market, and interference in client execution.

NDD Forex brokers at xDirect, on the other hand, provide you with access to the interbank market without passing the orders through their dealing desk. While No Dealing Desk brokers are STP or ECN+STP, xDirect backs the STP platform, owing to its extensive advantages. xDirect as STP Forex brokers, sends orders directly from clients to the liquidity providers, which are top European brokers and banks. It also takes prices from these brokers and banks available directly on the trading platform you are using.

Interestingly, more the number of liquidity providers, more the liquidity in the system, and better the fills for the clients. Thus, xDirect’s tie up with the key liquidity providers in Europe and abroad is immensely useful for our clientele.

Advantages of NDD (STP) brokers

  • Traders have access to real-time market quotes
  • Traders can execute trades immediately
  • No dealer intervention
  • No re-quotes on orders
  • No additional pausing during order confirmation
  • Anonymous order execution
  • Market spreads available

NDD Broker Award

xDirect’s contribution to best trading practices has been appreciated and recognised in the form of two Awards bestowed by the Global Banking and Finance Review in 2014 – as the Fastest Growing STP Broker in South East Asia and the Best CFD Broker in Latin America.

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