r-1 What Are Options?

Options are financial instruments that give the right to buy or sell anything in the future at a fixed price, which is established on the day of contract. Options have a number of advantages in comparison to contracts for difference (CFDs).

Firstly, you get to set the Option expiry time i.e. when you execute the Option transaction.

Secondly, in the majority of Options, you can set a risk level in advance to know the amount of expected profit.


r-2 How To Do Options Trading Via xDirect?

xDirect gives an opportunity to trade on both Up & Down Options for its Clients.

The investment horizon for Options at xDirect may be a few minutes up to about 70 minutes (depending on an underlying instrument).

Options are possible across different instrument types like Currencies, Commodities and Indices.

An advantage of executing an Options transaction with xDirect is the lack of liquidity problems, which means that a client can execute the transaction anytime the market is open.

At xDirect, you can execute an Options contract in 4 easy steps:

  • Choose an instrument
  • Insert investment amount
  • Choose expiry time
  • Choose the Option direction (whether Up or Down)
r-2 Why Trade Options Via xDirect?
  • High Leveraging Power
  • Easy to use interface – perfect for beginners
  • Higher Potential Returns
  • Clear rules
  • Expiration time from 1min to 60min

Options trading with xDirect is really easy. To find out how easy, open a demo account now, participate and watch your capital increase!

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