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The xStation trading platform has been built drawing on the deep expertise of the xDirect expert trading team. It excels in quite a few features in comparison with other popular trading platforms. These include - superior trading directly from the charts, faster execution times and overall simplicity of use.

xStation allows trading via multiple operating systems like Mac, PC and Tablet.

With xStation, you can efficiently detach charts by using multiple screens to trade, you can display several charts on the same graph i.e. chart overlay and you can place any order from the charts i.e. chart trading. Moreover, it includes analytical tools like Fibonacci, Elliot Waves, Chart Overlay etc. The Traders Calculator feature is particularly helpful for those who find it difficult to understand pips and lots.

xStation also includes xMAM, a tool for clients holding multiple accounts. It is integrated with the easy-to-use IB system. Step-by-step video tutorials are included to avoid the hassles of looking up tutorials on the internet.

Also, options like server stored settings, instant access to financial information, macro calendar and live broadcast from the biggest trading floors keep you updated on the latest actions in the financial arena.

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New Generation Ultra-fast web based
trading platform

  • Ultra Fast
  • Trade From Anywhere
  • Advanced Chart Trading
  • Expert Markets Squawk
  • All Settings Saved To The Server
  • Advanced Technical
  • Bulk Order Closing
  • Trading Calculator

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